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Teacher Panel Testimonials

Scented Stickers

The smelly stickers drive my class wild! They love getting them and they are the talk of the school. The cola ones are the most popular with the older children while our nursery visitors adores the minty polar bear. Great value for money as the reward is such a thrill. Service from PTS is always good and the ordering process is quick and painless. I would recommend them to anyone.


PTS have enhanced the school experience of my classes for years now! I always return to PTS for amazing variety and choice and second to none service. I always get really excited when my parcels arrive! I also like that I am part of their teachers’ panel which take my ideas and feedback on board in shaping new products. Keep up the valuable work!!


Thank you PTS for your excellent customer service, products and speedy delivery. Over the years my pupils have enjoyed receiving your stickers with a variety of messages and subjects which are also admired by parents. Thank you!


I have used PTS for a number of years and have always found their products to be of good quality and appropriate to my needs.  I appreciate how they keep up to date with current teaching initiatives. Cheers and keep up the good work.


PTS is my go-to place for affordable resources, especially stickers. Their website is packed full of products to support learning across the curriculum.


These are so useful for marking my books. I find they save me so much time rather than re-writing the same feedback over and over. I have a collection of 10 of them for my marking and would not be without them!


Amazing products which are loved by the children I teach, super-fast and brilliant customer service. Highly recommended. I don't order from anywhere else!


Thank you for all the wonderful things you are able to provide, I always use the variety of stickers but have used other things as well. My daughter has now started teaching and as part of her Christmas present I gave her a sticker box full of stickers both personalised and ordinary, which she loved!!!.

Service/Personalised Stickers

Have been using PTS for some years now, and find their wares very good value. Service is always very prompt and choosing is easy from excellent website or clear paper catalogue. Infinite variety available and plenty of items one can personalise. Like the products very much! Well done PTS.

Stampers/Writing/Literacy/Spanish Language

My stack and stamp collection (which is getting quite large) really cuts down time when marking.  Couldn't live without them! My class loved the Spanish reward stickers! Being given a pen licence really boosts the kids confidence in their abilities.

Service/Search All

Fantastic service everytime. Great value for money and quality products. It's the first and only place I turn to.

Service/Search All/Personalised

I am always really pleased with quality of PTS products. They have many products to choose from and the website is easy to navigate. I particularly love their range of personalised products and would happily recommend PTS to any of my colleagues.


I have used Primary Teaching Services for many years now. I first used them when I was a swimming teaching for rewards for pupils and for rewarding my children. Since then, I have been working in schools and and continue to use the resources they supply regularly. I have found the stickers and rewards my main resource but I am now moving onto using stampers, books etc. I've even introduced many of my colleagues to the company and now my husband who has started working at a school. On the whole, they are a fantastic company with great customer service.

Service/Search All

I love the website it's easy to use and easy to navigate.

Personalised/personalised Stickers/Personalised Postcards

I love the products particularly the personalised items. My children love receiving the star of the day postcards and sticker with my name on.

Secondary/Stickers/Stampers/Assessment & Marking/Marking & Assessment

As a secondary school teacher, I have always used Primary Teaching Services for stickers and stampers. I find the quality and service excellent. Quick ordering and plenty of choice. My pupils love receiving a sticker and marking is quick!

Service/Stickers/Stampers/Personalised/Scottish Curriculum

Primary Teaching Services provides me with my needs as a teacher and as a depute head teacher. The pupils enjoy the huge range of stickers and stampers available. The personalisation available is a unique tool and provides me with exactly what I am looking for. The range of stampers enable me to utilise my time as effectively as I can! i.e.. WALT, WILF, Peer and Self Assessment and traffic lighting. I have used this company for over 6 years now and have really enjoyed watching the development of resources provided, keeping up to date and relevant eg. Curriculum for Excellence.

Service/Scented Stickers/Stampers

My classes always love the smelly stickers a big hit with children of all ages. I love the fact that I can buy single sheets of stickers from you as sometimes I don't want a huge amount of the same wording/topic. I think it is great that so many of your products are based upon recommendations from the teacher's panel and like the fact that the assessment and marking stickers and stamps continue to be added to and adapted on a regular basis. Speedy delivery and great prices make PTS my number one choice for all my school supplies!


The Teacher Panel was really useful as it gave you a chance to influence new products and make suggestions for alterations to others. It also gave you a chance to meet with other teachers and discuss what products they found useful and why. Definitely worth the time spent.

Service/Scented Stickers/Diddi Dots

I find the whole experience of purchasing resources for my class very rewarding with Primary Teaching Services. The website is very user friendly. The resources are well thought out, good quality and very reasonably priced. All orders are delivered quickly. What more could you want?! I particularly like the smelly stickers and use the didi dots for individual sticker reward charts. Primary Teaching Services is a one stop shop for me- I don't go anywhere else!!

Service/Stickers/Stampers/Personalised/Behaviour Schemes

I am a primary school teacher in an East Ayrshire school.  I mostly buy stickers and stampers from PTS but also have the Good to be Green set up, which has gone down very well with pupils and colleagues alike.  The kids love my stickers, especially the personalised ones and the smelly ones.  They also really enjoy stamping their work themselves.  I thoroughly enjoy the range of stickers and stampers available and the ease with which things can be personalised.  The ease of ordering and speed of delivery are both absolutely fantastic. I tend to do all of my ordering online, as I find it a very straightforward and painless process.  I've never had any issues or fears over making online payments either.

Service/Praisepadz (Notes Home)/Stampers/Value Packs/Scented Stickers/Wallace & Gromit

PTS is definitely the best company to buy incentives, stickers and stampers from. They provide a very professional and personal service of the highest quality. The products are perfect for my classroom. I particularly like the Praisepadz (the Wallace and Gromit version is a big hit in my classroom!), the self assessment stampers and the sticker variety packs. The scented stickers are a lovely novelty item and are highly sought after by my pupils. Thank you PTS for all that you do!


PTS always provide new and high quality resources for me to use in my daily learning and teaching. Great service!


All the products are of a high quality. I have ordered both stamps and stickers in the past that have become an integral part of my classroom. On the occasion that my order has not gone to plan the customer service has been nothing but superior and helpful and the solution has been found instantly. The deliver and packaging is also speedy and excellent.